About Us

raxtray is a leading provider of on-line gadgets sales company, dedicated to helping all the world’s leading companies and the individual to build stronger businesses. Headquartered in Borden Town, New Jercy (U.S), raxtray combines a passion for client satisfaction, technology innovation, deep industry and business process expertise, and a global, collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work. raxtray is known for high quality and most competitive prices in the industry. Our bread and butter is high quality original branded product where dependability and service keep raxtray ahead of our competitors.We help transform core processes for greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. Let us use our IT, business-process and strategic consulting to help you transform your business, with minimal risk and disruption. Give your organization greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. Position your business to thrive now and in the future

Our Aim is, to be devoted in providing the highest quality product and Service to our customers. Our teams are highly skilled and creative. No Job is too big or too small for us

Alfie' Vision:

"To be a world wide respected corporation that provides best-of-breed business solutions,  delivered by best-in-class people."

Alfie' Mission Statement :

"To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty, and courtesy towards our clients."